We all want to imagine that summer is the most anticipated season for Cape Town production companies. You can be fooled into thinking that shooting in the summer will be simple. However, if there is no breeze, you will quickly become overcooked. That’s just one of the issues you’ll be dealing with, though. The truth is that there are numerous factors to think about. We have some production advice for the summer shoot to assist you deal with the heat.  Essentially, there are three factors to consider before beginning production:

  • Sun
  • Weather
  • Water

These three things are indispensable. Extreme weather in the summer can be just as damaging to your gear as in the winter. But there’s no cause for alarm. Each of them will have their essentials outlined for you. And if you stick to the advice, you’ll have no trouble producing professional-quality videos. Let’s go to the main attraction first.

Natural Sunlight

It’s common knowledge that natural light is ideal for shooting. You get an effect that is tough to recreate with man-made illumination. The cameraman, though, may face difficulties as a result. It’s impossible to get rid of glare if you accidentally obtain it, but it’s a wonderful effect if you want to see it. And then there’s the issue of light and darkness to consider. That’s a lot of food. However, I have some suggestions. 

The sun is both your best friend and worst adversary on a summer shoot, so you can expect to hear a lot about how to deal with it in the production notes. Inline alt: A cameraperson shooting a woman pulling a car through the street. 


The sunglasses analogy is often used while discussing camera filters. This makes perfect sense. Consider your camera as an extra pair of eyes. Light levels are high throughout the warm months. We also wear sunglasses to shield our eyes from the bright environment. Therefore, it stands to reason that the camera should also have a pair. Consider investing in a polarising or neutral density filter for your camera’s lens. They’re going to simplify everything for you.


Summer’s early mornings and late afternoons are prime labour times. Nothing except crooked shadows in the middle of a beautiful sunny day. On the other side, you’ll have more leeway with the light during the day’s beginning and end. Therefore, you’ll have an easier time working with it.

With a full day of shooting ahead of you, it’s also a good idea to hire a locker for all of your filmmaking gear. Find a storage facility nearby and rent it out for the day. It’s cool inside, so you can take a break from the sun while also recharging your batteries and clearing off your memory cards. Your equipment will be grateful, and you can nap in the middle of the day. 


In the summer, temperatures are likely to rise to comfortable levels everywhere. We’re not suggesting you spend the remainder of the summer inside with the air conditioner. However, it is recommended that you take some safety measures.

You will, of course, take good care of yourself this summer. However, remember to maintain your tools. The camera’s numerous heat-warning labels aren’t there for nothing. Keeping your equipment cool during a summer shoot may be the most important production tip we can give you. Never bring it near the car. And if you want to wow them, use cooler bags. Those who choose this route should refrain from using ice.  The heat is damaging to both your team and their tools. 


In the summer, it’s nearly impossible to avoid shooting near the sea. Cape Town’s most popular filming sites are almost entirely located on or near the water. Finally, water features like oceans, lakes, pools, and sprinklers help viewers feel the warmth of summertime. As a result, they provide a great backdrop for any advertisement or promotional video.

Don’t risk injury by getting too close to your equipment, though. All it takes is an unexpected squall at sea to ruin your equipment and wipe out all your hard work. You should try to prevent the situation. Take precautions to ensure that nothing gets wet. 

Here’s some advice from the pros. Maintain a steady supply of plastic bags. Use them to safeguard equipment in between usage if you must work near water. Keep an eye out for moisture, especially on wet days. It can be just as risky. 


It may take several hours to put together a simple video. Those shoes fit all of us. Think about this while you put together clothing for the shoot. You’ll be working in a hot place, and that means perspiring a lot. Realising that your performers would have various appearances at the beginning and the end of the day doesn’t take much effort.

Keep summer outfits straightforward to prevent future continuity difficulties. There are no videos available featuring the Victorian era at this time. It’s unnecessary to wear more than a few thin layers. Concentrate on the hues. These ought to be seasonal and solar. Keep uniformity by opting for minimal, lightweight clothing. Tag alternative: a cameraperson and a female subject filming from a rooftop.


People are more likely to be short with others when they are hungry, thirsty, and overheated. It doesn’t matter how friendly they are; it’s inevitable. And you’ll do everything in your power to prevent that if you’re in the production business and you care about making a profit. Having a professional caterer is not required. There should be enough food and drink for everyone though. 

Water is the most important thing you need. You need to stock up and have lots of it available. The smart move is to stock up on a couple of jugs. You can buy them in large quantities without breaking the bank. Also, when planning meals, keep things healthy but filling. Foods that are always well-received include watermelons, sandwiches, salads, and ice cream. 

Just Be Smart

Yes, it will be warm, and the sun will bother you. But if you’re smart about it, you can turn the odds in your favour. Add some atmosphere with the heat haze that forms when it hits the ground. These kinds of additions will elevate the quality of your production. 

Don’t get your hopes up that everything will be simple. It can still get down and dirty on set, even with all the production advice for the summer shot. But isn’t this the way it always goes with a shoot? So, don’t worry, just do what you’ve been told. 

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